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Lectionary Blogs and Columns

Blogs – 4B Ordinary Time

  • If you’re not the boss of me – who is?
  • He teaches with authority
  • Today’s Gospel reminds us we need good teachers we can trust
  • Demons in holy places
  • A thimbleful of love
  • Fame and faith are very different things
  • The best protection against demons and evil spirits
  • What Authority Is for The Christian

Commentary – 3B Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sometimes it’s easy to want to know what will happen next. It helps us feel in control. The readings this weekend invite us to a different path, however, one where we are invited to say “yes” to the One who loves us, even if we don’t know all the answers. — Angie Windnagle (LPi Connect)


HOME – Connections

Connecting Religion, Culture & History Using Illustrations in the Classroom Jesus  understood the power of story-telling and used parables to preach the Kingdom. Likewise, you will find that the illustrations […]


Commentary – 2B Sunday in Ordinary Time

Andrew’s willingness to evangelize brought Peter to become a disciple of the Lord. Andrew’s love for Peter moved him to share the truth and joy he had found. How blessed to have someone care enough to step out in faith and share the life found only in Jesus. — Allison Gingras (LPi Connect)


Commentary – The Baptism of the Lord (B)

It is through our baptisms that we are gifted with the direction and purpose we need to be productive stewards and faithful Christians. It is not only about eternal salvation. In baptism, we receive what we need to fulfill our purpose and labor for the kingdom of God. — Rev. Mark Suslenko (LPi Connect)



Baptism introduces us into the fellowship of God’s people that is the Church by shaping our inner selves into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Just as the Spirit hovered over the waters at Creation and brought forth life, so now,the same Spirit hovers over the waters of baptism and brings forth the life of Christ in us, a new creation.


Commentary – Epiphany (B)

While the visit of the magi, representing the nations of the world, is a sign that the salvation offered by the newborn King is for all times and peoples, theologians also saw the magi’s journey as a symbol of conversion and the journey of faith that each of us is traveling. —Bro. Silas Henderson, S.D.S. (LPi Connect)


Divine Self-Revelation

God takes the initiative in leading us to religious faith. It is our personal experience that God is always the initiator when it comes to salvation. We do not have to go chasing after God as if God were hidden and avoiding detection.


Family Life

A healthy family life also includes education and formation in spiritual and religious values and principles. Mothers and fathers who themselves possess a healthy spirituality and practice positive religious expressions will pass these on to their children primarily by the example and witness of their lives.

Fr Tony's Illustrations

Fr. Tony’s Homily – Holy Family (B)

Today’s readings focus on the circumstances leading up to the first coming of Jesus, the event which sets the pattern for his coming to us now and at the end of time. The Gospel stresses the key role of Mary in the work of our salvation. In addition, today’s Scripture texts describe God’s promise to David and its fulfillment in Jesus, the Son of David. They also tell us that God’s preparation for the coming of Jesus was full of surprises.