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Sr. Patricia Stevenson, RSJ

Sr. Patricia Stevenson, RSJ is grateful to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart for giving permission to use Sr. Patricia Stevenson’s commentary on the website.

Patricia Stevenson, RSJ, lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2019 she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee of Religious Profession.

My pilgrimage over 60 years has been a journey in a spiral both outward and inward that has been enriching, challenging and often surprising. Inwardly there has been a deepening call to prayer, reflection and spirituality-an experience of fathoming the mystery of God and the Universe.

Originally from Fairlie in South Canterbury, she has spent more than thirty years working with adults in group development, facilitation, spirituality, and liturgy in both Australia and New Zealand. She has been an advisor to teachers and parish ministers.

Her reflections provide a way of helping you to pray with the Word.

She has written Psalms and Other Songs from a Pierced Heart in which she shares the essence of these great prayers in language of today. and makes them available to all who seek their help and comfort. The additional prayers are an invitation to witness in these ancient writings a voice that reminds us of the communion that unites the joys and sufferings of people everywhere.

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