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Be with the Word

CATHOLIC—A weekly podcast from Souls and Hearts with Dr. Peter Malinoski, clinical psychologist, and Dr. Gerry Crete, marriage and family therapist. The hosts delve into human and psychological issues that surface in the upcoming Sunday Mass readings.
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Sunday Commentary

CATHOLIC—Kevin and Carla break down the liturgical scripture readings for Sunday so that you can be better prepared to enter into the beauty and mystery of Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It’s fun, fast and faith-filled!

Lanky Guys

CATHOLIC—For years, Fr. Peter Musset and Dr. Scott Powell have been commenting on the scriptures in different ways. In this Podcast, you can witness the attempts of two naturally lanky men, brought together by destiny, attempt to draw some meaning and humor out of the sacred treasury of the Scriptures in the context of the liturgy.


Sunday Alive!

CATHOLIC—Each week the Youth Minister at Blessed Sacrament in Madison, Wisconsin will offer you a reflection on the upcoming Sunday’s Mass Readings. Be prepared before you sit in a pew to really be present for the Word of God!


Spirit & Song Liturgy Podcast

CATHOLIC—Liturgy Podcast is a weekly liturgy planning resource for musicians, liturgists, homilists, youth groups, faith sharing groups, and all who look to the liturgical readings for inspiration and nourishment.


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