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Fr. Clement D. Thibodeau

Fr. Clement D. Thibodeau is grateful to the Portland Diocese for giving permission to use Rev. Clement D. Thibodeau’s commentary on the website.

Father Thibodeau was Ordained May 31,1958 to the priesthood at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland by Most Reverend David J. Feeney, Seventh Bishop of Portland. In 1970, he traveled to Rome, Italy, to study/work at the Institute for Continuing Theological Education.

Bishop, Most Reverend Joseph Gerry, OSB, on the occasion of Father Thibodeau’s retirement in 2001, wrote: 

“Although your primary focus as a priest had to be your parish assignment, you were always willing to put your considerable gifts of intelligence and wisdom to the service of the wider Church community. A hard worker, a committed priest, one who has updated theologically, one who has been open to offering spiritual direction, and one who has been most generous in responding to requests from your Bishop, are just some of the qualities you have marked your years of ministry as a priest.”

Father Thibodeau served as Pastor of St. Mary’s in Eagle Lake, Notre Dame in Waterville, St. Mary’s in Bangor and St. Joseph’s in Gardiner. He served as Pastoral Vicar at Cathedral Parish in Portland, Notre Dame in Springvale, and St. Mary’s in Lewiston, not to mention serving as Chaplain at Nasson College in Springvale and Notre Dame Institute in Alfred. Father Thibodeau also spent 17 years as a teacher at St. Ignatius High School in Sanford as well as teaching religious studies at Nasson College. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus Rev. George Poirier Assembly #2755 in Springvale, Canabas Council #1299 in Gardiner, and served as Chaplin of Council #148.

Following his retirement, Father Thibodeau remained very active assisting various parishes and priests, wherever and whenever needed. Over the years, Father Clem helped raise money for Guest House, a center in Michigan that helps treat clergy for substance abuse. He also will be fondly remembered by many for his help, compassion, and understanding of their substance abuse issues.

“Echoing God’s Word”, a resource which has been given permission to include in its weekly commentary section, reflects Fr. Thibodeau’s love of the Word of God, which was also reflected in his gifts of preaching and teaching. The resource is used by faith-sharing groups throughout the Diocese of Portland.

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