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Holy Family (B)

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Gods Promise December 27

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Intro to the Readings

Holy Family (B)

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Key Images

  • Respect and honour your parents
  • God loves you and has chosen you
  • Love is more important than anything else
  • Jesus is saved by Joseph’s obedience
  • God’s promise came true
SOURCES: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Memory Verse

“Now I have seen the Lord.”

In today’s Gospel, Simeon, an old man who prayed at the Temple recognizes Jesus as the Savior they have been waiting for. The Son of God that would save them from all suffering. I wonder how Simeon knew.


SOURCE: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southbury, CT

Getting Started

Family Life

The feast of the Holy Family, coming within the Christmastide celebrations, gives us a further opportunity to reflect on the miracle of the incarnation of Jesus into a human family. God provided this special family to protect and nurture his Son during his earthly life.This family, who were so faithful and instantly obedient to God’s will, provides us with a model that shows us how to be committed to and care for the family with which we have been blessed. Have you ever wondered about the instant obedience that Joseph displayed when he was warned that Jesus was in danger in a dream? How instant is our obedience when we recognise that God is asking us to do something that will be disruptive to our life?

Reflect on your own experience of family life. What is it that makes some relationships more special than others? Can you identify ways in which you have come to experience God’s love in your family? Do you allow other members of your family to experience God’s love through you?

As a member of our own families we have certain responsibilities. We also have responsibilities as members of God’s family. What are these responsibilities and how do we prioritise them? Are there times when there is conflict between these? How do you resolve this?What ways does your faith community support families and help them to thrive? What opportunities are there for families to grow in faith together?

SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland; Accompanying cartoon from The Cartoon Gospel, Used with permission.

Children’s Videos

Holy Family (B)

DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
Cropped image from this week’s CATHOLIC MOM coloring activity.

Children’s Handouts PDF’s

Holy Family (B)

CATHOLIC MOM is a ministry of Holy Cross Family Ministries offering children’s handouts of Gospel Reading, a coloring page, lesson plans, Mass Worksheets for ages 7-10 and 11-14, Word Search, and Crossword puzzle.
Words in this week’s word search
The S.D.C., a Catholic Society in the UK, provides worksheets for use in Sunday Liturgy groups for children.

Download Worksheet (PDF)
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Click below to access Sermons4Kids‘ sermon, coloring page, dot to dot, word search, multiple choice, etc. handouts related to Sunday’s Gospel.

Gospel Reading: Luke 2:22 & 39-40 GO TO LESSON

Children’s Skits

Holy Family (B)

Gospel Reading: Luke 2:22 & 39-40

by Larry Broding

Reader 1:

Sometime after Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem. They presented Jesus to God at the Temple because God’s Law said, “The first child whom a mother bears will be called special for God.” They also worshiped God with an offering of two birds, just like God’s Law commands.

Reader 2:

A man named Simeon lived in Jerusalem. Always trying to live by God’s will, Simeon loved the Lord and waited for God to visit his people. God’s Spirit lived in Simeon and told him he would see the Messiah before he died. The Spirit led Simeon into the Temple, where Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to worship God. There, Simeon took Jesus into his arms and praised God,

Reader 1:

Now, you can let me die in your peace, Lord;
you kept your word to me.
I have seen the One who will save your people,
whom everyone will see.
He will be a light to every nation,
and will bring great honor to Israel, your people.

Reader 2:

His father and mother were surprised by what the man said. Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother, “Listen! God put your child here so many people will fall and many will be raised up. People will oppose him and this will show what they really think. But, this will be like a dagger stabbed in your heart.”

Reader 1:

There was a prophet named Anna, the daughter of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher. She was eighty-four years old. First, she was married for seven years, then she lived alone as a widow. She constantly served God in the Temple by fasting and praying. Anna came to the temple at the same time the family arrived. The woman thanked God for Jesus and spoke to everyone who waited for Israel’s freedom about the boy.

Reader 2:

After they did what God’s Law commanded them to do in the Temple, they went home to Nazareth in Galilee. There, Jesus grew strong because God filled him with wisdom. And God blessed him.

SOURCE: Larry Broding at (Copyright 1999-2017). Viewers may copy any material found in these pages for their personal use or for use in any non-profit ministry. Materials may not be sold or used for personal financial gain.

Church Skits by Tanis Harms

SCRIPTURE: Prov.30:4, Is.7:14, Jer.31:34, Micah 5:2, Luke 2:30-34

Style:        speak-theater/conversation: themes and
.             statements are repeated for special emphasis
Cast:         6 NARRATORS
Set & Props:  6 scrolls (can be used for scripture verses
.             and the scripture references, which would act
.             as a visual symbol that what you are reading
.             and referring to are scriptural prophecies)
NOTE:         – gently, slightly overlap certain sentences
.             to create a motion of time continuing on,
.             but create pauses after some sentences
.             for the pertinent messages to sink in
.             – notice I have grouped portions of sentences
.             and thoughts together to create “verses”
.             so you can leave a pause after each grouping,
.             again some pauses should be longer than others
.             – also would be effective if you begin with
.             “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, did the skit,
.             and then right after the skit, finish with:
.             “O Come, O Come Immanuel”



N2      God’s only Son!

N1      Who LEFT His throne of glory

N3      LEAVING the glory and comforts of heaven!


N5      God’s only Son!

N4      Who CAME down to earth

N6      FULFILLING the prophecies of old
.                                                          2

N1      The first reference of Jesus

N2      Who WAS, and IS, and IS TO COME

N1      in Genesis 1, verse 26

N3      God created mankind in HIS image.

N4      The lineage of Jesus

N5      Began at the fall of man

N4      in Genesis 3, verse 15

N6      Through the ACTIONS of Adam and Eve

N5      SIN – entered the world

N6      So through the OFFSPRING of Adam and Eve,

N5      JESUS, the SAVIOR, would COME to this world

N1      The promise of Jesus’s coming – was confirmed

(faster overlapping here)

N4      to Abraham

N5      to Jacob

N6      to David

N1      in Genesis 22, verse 18

N2      Genesis 28, verse 14

N3      Second Samuel 7, verse 16…

N4      “Through your offspring
.       all nations on EARTH will be blessed…”

N5      “All PEOPLES on earth will be BLESSED
.       through you and your offspring.”
.                                                          3
N6      “Your HOUSE and your KINGDOM
.       will ENDURE forever before Me;
.       your THRONE will be established forever.”


SOURCE: Church Skits by Tanis Harms; used with permission.
MINISTRY TO CHILDREN (11:20): Prepared by Kristin Schmidt, who serves at the Epiphany Lutheran Church in Castle Rock, CO.


Holy Family (B)

Waiting on what matters

These crafts coincide with the story of Simeon and Anna in the temple at the dedication of Jesus. They waited long, and God did not disappoint. Christ was worth the wait! We recognize from this story that God is faithful to fulfill His promises, and that we can wait on Him, too. These two crafts touch on the element of waiting as well as trust in God. A decorative “clock” reminds us to wait patiently, and a “box of goals” recognizes that the future is in God’s hands.


Catholic Families

Pictures of the Holy Family

Find a picture of the Holy Family. You can look in your child’s textbook or on the internet. While reflecting on the picture:

  • Talk about how the Holy Family showed their love for one another.
  • Give examples of how your family is like the Holy Family.
  • Explain how your own family is holy.

The church teaches that all families are holy. Discuss what all families have in common that make them holy.

Together, choose one thing your family will do this week to show your love for each other and live as a holy family.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor

Discussion Questions

Holy Family (B)

Sunday Connection

Mary and Joseph present Jesus at the Temple

Reflection Questions for Grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8 which help connect the Scripture to daily life in a meaningful way.

SOURCE: Loyola Press


CAFOD stands for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development. We are an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Preparing people for the coming of Jesus


Jesus’s parents Mary and Joseph took him to the Temple, to present him to God as was their custom.

There were two other people in the story today too, who see the baby Jesus and recognise how important he is.

Can you remember their names?

Simeon is an old man, who has been promised by God that he will see Christ – the Saviour of the world. When he sees the baby Jesus, Simeon knows that the child is the Son of God. He tells everyone how special Jesus is.

Anna is also in the Temple. She has spent her whole life in the Temple serving God. She, too, sees the baby Jesus and begins to praise God.

How do you think Mary and Joseph felt to hear Simeon and Anna talking like this about their son?

Even though he was just a baby, Simeon and Anna, filled with faith, could see just how important Jesus was. They did not judge by what Jesus looked like, they knew in their hearts how special and important he was.

Have you ever decided what someone is like as a person, just by looking at them? Or had someone think they know what you are like because of how you look? What do you think this reading tells us about that?

Simeon and Anna see that Jesus is important. Even though he was just a baby, and probably looked like all other babies, they could see that he would grow up to be very special.

So, how can we be like Simeon and Anna this week, and open our eyes to see Christ in each other, recognising how important all people are?

At the end of the reading we hear that Jesus’s parents took him home again and he grew up, becoming very wise, surrounded by the love of his family and of God.

Jesus learned from his parents, just like we learn from the grown ups we live with.

The people that we live with are very special and important to us. They are the people who care for us, play with us, teach us and learn with us.

We are all part of one big global family. We are all brothers and sisters and we are all loved by God, no matter where in the world we are, what we look like, whether we are rich or poor.

Because we are all part of one family, we should all try to love one another, to care for one another, to respect and share with one another.

How do you think we can do that? What will you do this week to show your global family, as well as those you live with, that you care?

How can we make sure our families, and the people that we live with help and support each other so that we can all grow and learn together?

Diocese of Auckland

What did you hear?”

Diocese of Auckland provides the following starter questions for children to stimulate discussion about Sunday’s Gospel.

⚪  Have you ever been on a long journey

⚪  What are some of the things that help as you travel?

⚪  Why did the angel tell Joseph to take the child and his mother to Egypt?

⚪  What was the hurry?

SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Kid’s Bulletin

Holy Family (B)

Teacher and mom, THERESA, creates Kids’ Bulletins, a resource for Catholic kids about the readings for Sunday’s Mass every week. More resources from Theresa can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers website. Click on image/text to download entire bulletin for your children.


Apostleship of Prayer (1:56)

Doctrine of the Week

Holy Family (B)

The Fourth Commandment: Responsibilities and Gifts of Family Life

We believe that the family is a gift from God (CCC 2203). Like all gifts from God, we have a responsibility to use and enjoy the gift of family properly. Church teaching helps to guide families to live in God’s grace. The fourth commandment: “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you” (Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16), is the basis for the Church’s teaching on family.


Primary Session

Family Totem Pole

Provide blank sheets of white paper and crayons, and invite the children to draw a family totem pole. Show an example of a family totem pole that includes squares for each family member piled on top of each other. …


Intermediate Session

Family Tree

Provide construction paper and markers and invite the children to create a family tree. Invite the children to think back and list parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so on…..


Junior High School

Song Titles

Invite the young people to quietly reflect on the unique gift of family. Provide paper and pencils and invite each person to compose a title for an imaginary popular song that describes their family. Have volunteers share their song titles with the large group. ….


SOURCE: RCL Bensiger Lectionary Resources
CATtube: Catechism on YouTube (4:10): Lord Jesus, I surrender to you each and every member of my family, and I submit all of us to your mercy. Lord, I know that you love us and it is your Holy Will to keep us together.

Virtue of the Week

Holy Family (B)

Sacrificial Love

Love, in the Christian understanding, is far more than a mere emotion but rather a way of life whereby one is seeking the good of the other.

First Reading

The Book of Sirach is classified as wisdom literature and as such offers sound advice for living life. The details of the interrelations among family members is spelled out and it speaks clearly of “honoring” those significant individuals in our lives, parents and children alike. This advice would be well to keep in mind as we are called to honor all people as images of of God.

Second Reading

Saint Paul writes this heartfelt letter to the Colossians and speaks of wearing the beautiful virtues of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience as garments. Saint Paul’s image of wearing these virtues as clothing illustrates how we are to have them close to our persons to recognize that we are to be clothed in them so that they reveal who we are and how we are to act in the world. Binding all of these virtues together is the ultimate gift of love, for it is out of sincere love that these virtues become true practices in our lives.


Today’s gospel presents us with Joseph having an experience, yet again, of God coming to him in a dream. You will recall that it was in a dream that God told Joseph to take Mary into his home and now he is instructed to protect Mary and Jesus by fleeing into Egypt. Joseph remains open to all of God’s commands even though they come in a dream-like fashion. Each person in a family has a dream for their life and for their family. Clearly the primary figure in this passage is Joseph and although he does not say a word, his actions speak loudly of his trust in God.


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church. Videos on this page are NOT affiliated with Markkula Center.
LETS READ TOGETHER (10:02): Throughout the animal kingdom, in every part of the world, fathers love and care for their babies. This book takes readers around the globe and across the animal kingdom, showcasing the many ways fathers have of demonstrating their love. Whether it’s a penguin papa snuggling with his baby in the frosty white snow, a lion dad playing with his cub in a yellow field, or a seahorse father protecting his young inside his pouch in the deep blue ocean, we see that a father’s love comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms..

Children’s Stories

Holy Family (B)

Book of the Week

A Father’s Love

In A Father’s Love, fourteen year old David sets off to hunt the Christmas goose, a tradition that has been passed down from his grandfather to his father, and now to him. Unfortunately, his irritating little sister, Rose, has decided to join him. David just wants to find the geese, shoot one, and go home. But before the geese are spotted, David and Rose find themselves up a tree, hiding from an angry mother bear protecting her cubs. As night draws near, a heavy snow begins to fall and David and Rose fear for their lives. How can their father possibly find them in the dark and cold? How will they survive the night? Ultimately this beautiful story encompasses family love and the lengths all creatures will go in order to protect it.

The love of Joseph for God and God’s son, Jesus and his mother Mary spurs him on to do all that he can to protect the child and his mother. Joseph is attentive to the instruction God gives him in the dream, to take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt. This is very much an example of the sacrificial love that parents often enter into when caring for their children and spouses.

Think about the many small and large sacrifices that have been made for you on the part of your parents. In fact, there are probably a great many that you may not even be aware.


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying video is NOT associated with Markkula Center.

Children’s Readings

Time together, time of stress

Christmas was good for three different kind of families.

Jack and Susie had a fun time bagging food for the poor a few days before Christmas. Usually they fight or nag their parents or ignore each other. But, between filling boxes and getting small things for the adults, both kids played tag and laughed as they slid into each other on the slick floor. The joy of helping others this time of year was contagious. Jack and Susie both agreed it was the best Christmas they could remember.—->


SOURCE: Larry Broding at (Copyright 1999-2017). Viewers may copy any material found in these pages for their personal use or for use in any non-profit ministry. Materials may not be sold or used for personal financial gain.

Ministry-to-Children (7:56)

Children’s Sermons

Holy Family (B)

Wait for it … God Does Not Disappoint!

This message uses the “post-Christmas blues” let-down as an example of how we sometimes wait for things and wind up disheartened. However, we know that waiting for God is always worth it, because He keeps His promises. The Gospel lesson that ties in is the story of Anna and Simeon in the temple. They waited for Jesus, and saw that the Lord fulfilled His word.


SOURCE: Copyright © 2007-2020 Ministry-to-Children. Please use our children’s ministry curriculum and Sunday School material for any purpose that brings honor to Jesus.

Sermon Writer

The children’s sermon excerpts below are linked to Sermon Writer, which was operated by Niell Donavan, a United Christ clergyman from 1997 until his death in 2020. His wife Dale is graciously keeping his website online FREE, subscription no longer required. As Catholic Catechists, be sure to adapt if necessary before presenting to children.

My shield and comfort

FOCUS: First Reading

Perhaps you’ve read stories about knights. In these stories knights are often described as brave men who save ladies in distress or fight to keep the bad guys away.

Ages and ages ago there actually were knights. They served the king. They went into battle to uphold the ideas and values of faith, loyalty, honor and courage. Do you have an idea of what they looked like? Yes, they usually wore a suit of armor, a helmet and carried a sword and a shield.

Here is a photograph taken of a statue of a knight. You can see it has been placed high on the top of a building which looks like it might be a church. It was the duty of some knights to defend the Christian faith.


Walk in love

FOCUS: 2nd Reading

Do you like to take walks? I do. There are always interesting things to see along the way and it feels good to be outside. Sunshine is especially nice, but it’s fun to walk, even if it’s raining.

Doctors tell us that walking is good for our health. It makes us strong and lifts our spirits if we feel discouraged.

Where do you like to walk? I often walk along the shore, but I also like to walk in the forests and along the streets of my town.

Have you ever walked in autumn leaves? They make a lovely crunchy sound. I love their colors and they smell so fragrant.

How about walking barefooted in fresh green grass or in wet sand at the beach?

The Bible teaches us to “walk in love” (3:14). What do you think that means? Let’s make a list.


Simeon and Anna

FOCUS: Gospel

Kyle and Kelly were so excited when Uncle Carl and Aunt Lynda came to the family’s get together. They brought their new baby so everyone could see her. Everyone talked at once when Uncle Carl carried the baby inside. “Oh look, she’s smiling.” “Look at her tiny fingers.” Kelly couldn’t believe how little she was. Kyle wondered how long it would be before she could play with them.

The twins remembered a story from the Holy Bible about a time when Jesus was a small baby. Mary and Joseph took him to the temple. The temple is like our church, a place where people worship God. That day at the temple there was an old man named Simeon who loved God with all his heart. Simeon knew from the Holy Spirit that he wouldn’t die before he had seen the Savior. When he saw Jesus, Simeon began to pray to God, “My eyes have seen your salvation.” (vs. 30) He knew in his heart that he had seen the Savior––Jesus was the Savior. So Simeon prayed for Joseph and Mary, who were Jesus’ parents.


What will you be?

FOCUS: Gospel

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Although you have lots and lots of time to decide, it’s fun to think about the possibilities. Some kids know from an early age what they love and what they want to do with their lives. I know a boy who loved music from the time he was a baby and as an adult became a music professor and a pianist who performs for other people’s enjoyment. (Substitute personal anecdote.)

Others find many things they enjoy and don’t decide what they want to do with their lives until they are in high school or college. Some adults are still trying to figure that out!

Do you think Jesus, as a child, knew what he wanted to be? Other people knew, from the time of his birth, who he was and what he would become.


SOURCE: Sermon excerpts from Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan
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