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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

“Tools” for the Classroom or at Home: activities, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets, lesson plans, classroom tips, etc. for all ages.

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Screen shot from this week’s HOLY HEROES video, click on image to go to page where you can view video, and download Mass prep coloring page, and quiz.

Parable of the Ten Virgins

32A Ordinary Time

Images from the Readings:

  • Ten girls took their lamps
  • Come to meet him!
  • Our lamps are going out
  • Always be ready
  • The Lord will return from heaven
SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Memory Verse

Be prepared because you do not know when Jesus will come.

Jesus told us that he will come to be with us again.But we do not the day or hour. It could be hundreds of years from now or next week. We can’t wait to be ready for Jesus. We need to be ready all the time.

SOURCE:  Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southbury, CT

Gospel Reflection for children

Today’s gospel story reminds us to stay alert and be ready. Jesus tells the story of 10 bridesmaids waiting to welcome the groom to a wedding banquet. All of the women took lamps, but only five came prepared with extra oil. When the foolish bridesmaids went off to get more oil, the five others remained, and they greeted the bridegroom when he came. When the five foolish bridesmaids returned, the door was closed and they could not get into the wedding banquet.

In this parable (a story that Jesus would tell to teach his followers about the kingdom of God), the wedding banquet is like God’s kingdom and the coming bridegroom represents Christ. For all listeners, the story teaches us to be prayerfully alert and ready for the Lord’s coming.

SOURCES: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southbury CT; Accompanying cartoon thumbnail is from The Cartoon Gospel, Used with permission.

Catholic Doctrine

Perseverance in Prayer

Prayer connects us with God. The relationship that exists between God and us needs expression and attention. Time spent with God in prayer helps us to become closer to God.

Catechist Background and Preparation
Primary Session
Intermediate Session
Junior High School

Sacrament Connection

Prayer is a gift, which is sustained by the Holy Spirit. In the Sacrament of Confirmation the Holy Spirit comes to strengthen us to live as followers of Christ.

SOURCE: RCL Bensiger Lectionary Resources
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Children’s Videos

32A Ordinary Time

DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
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Cropped image from this week’s HOLY HEROES coloring activity, click on image to go to page where you can view video, and download Mass prep coloring page, and quiz.

Children’s Handouts

32A Ordinary Time

SDC Sunday Worksheet
The S.D.C., a Catholic Society in the UK, provides worksheets for use in Sunday Liturgy groups for children.

Download Worksheet (PDF)
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Catholic Kids Bulletin
Teacher and mom, THERESA, creates Kids’ Bulletins, a resource for Catholic kids about the readings for Sunday’s Mass every week. More resources from Theresa can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Download page for Bulletins

Catholic Mom Mass Worksheets
Catholic Mom is a ministry of Holy Cross Family Ministries with Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C., President. Use the link below to access.

Download More Handouts

Sermons4kids Crossword
The goal of Sermons4Kids is to help those who are in children’s ministry or who may work with children in Christian schools or organizations. Click image to access sermon, coloring page, dot to dot, word search, multiple choice, etc. handouts related to Sunday’s Gospel.

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Children’s Story of the Week: The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

Children’s Activities

32A Ordinary Time

Moral Virtue of the Week


NOTE: No available activity for 32A Ordinary Time. This week’s activity is based from ALL SOULS Mass readings.

Freddie, a maple leaf, is born in spring, and grows to know his fellow leaves and surroundings. Although the other leaves appear to be the same, Freddie learns to appreciate the uniqueness of each leaf, including himself. Freddie is especially fond of a larger leaf, Daniel.

Daniel helps Freddie gain a deeper understanding of many things but most importantly how to view and understand death as a change and not an ending. The story helps the audience see and understand how each individual experiences and approaches death. The story also helps one see and appreciate the different phases of life. Each time Freddie the leaf changes with the seasons, it is puzzling to him but he learns of the value of change. This is truly a book that is invaluable for any library, most especially when seeking comfort over the physical loss of a loved one.


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University;  “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying video  is NOT associated with  Markkula Center.
Ministry to Children

Be Ready for Jesus!

In this message, the parable of the ten virgins is described to remind children of the importance of preparing ourselves for Jesus and His Second Coming. Kids will discuss what it means to be ready for any circumstance, and will consider how it’s significant to live in Christ’s presence now, as well as eagerly awaiting His return.

Waiting for Jesus Bible Crafts: Parable of the Ten Virgins

These crafts celebrate a story Jesus told about ten waiting women, some wise and some unprepared. We are reminded through this parable that we should always be watchful and ready for the return of Jesus. We should also be mindful of His presence with us every day! The crafts in this video feature a “lamp”, an oil element, and a reminder to always be prepared for Jesus.

Catholic Mom Gospel Activities

Click on image to download PDF.

A Night Party

In today’s gospel, Jesus told a parable of a wedding. When Jesus lived, the wedding was actually the groom’s journey to fetch his bride. After the arrangements were made, the groom would go to the house where his bride lived and take her back to his father’s house. When they stepped over the threshold, the couple was married and the reception began. The bride was no longer part of her family, but was now a member of her husband’s family.

The bridesmaids in the story were relatives and friends of both families who walked with the groom on his journey. An early evening walk was delayed. The groom would not arrive until the middle of the night. Since a walk in the dark of the night required lamps, oil was essential. Those who did not have oil would have to borrow or buy the fuel. Because the party goers feared bandits and thieves, those who were late were refused admission.

The moral of the parable was clear. Be ready for the Lord. You do not know when he comes!

Reenact the journey with your family in your house. Set up a gathering area, a party area, and a route. Then, at night, darken your house, gather together, and follow the route to your party. Use an oil-based lamp if you can. Along the journey, tell your family you’re looking for a party, the same way the bridesmaids looked for the groom and his party. When you get to the party room, turn on the lights and celebrate. At the end, share Matthew 25:1-13 with your family. Discuss how your party and the parable were the same.

Our Sunday Visitor

Catholic family activities

Choose one of the following activities as a way to further reflect on the Sunday reading:

  • The parable in this week’s Gospel tells us to be ready. Have a family discussion about getting ready for a trip. Discuss all the preparation needed for taking a family trip. Then talk about being ready for Jesus’ coming. What can you do to get ready for the coming of Jesus into your life?
  • Gather the family together for a family meeting. Focus on how your family can keep the door open for the coming of God into your household? Start by discussing ways that family members can be more patient with each other.
  • Create a journal with enough blank pages for one week. For each day of the coming week, write down one thing that you can do to prepare for Jesus’ coming into your life.
  • For family prayer one day this week gather together in a circle and hold hands. Ask each family member to share one thing he or she needs to do to prepare for Jesus’ coming into his or her life. Conclude by praying the Lord’s Prayer together.
SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor
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A city in the Democratic Republic of Congo is expanding and rebuilding in the shadow of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. See CAFOD Guided discussion below for activity.

Children’s Reflections

32A Ordinary Time

CAFOD Guided Discussion / Activities
Download accompanying illustration, and liturgy resource Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel Questions

What do you remember from today’s reading?

Jesus tells a story about ten women who are waiting at a wedding for the bridegroom to arrive. It is dark and so they all have lamps with them to light the way. But what did five of them have that the other five didn’t? (Five of them were sensible and took extra oil with them, so that if the bridegroom was late they would still be able to light his way. They were prepared.)

What happened next? (The bridegroom was very late. It was after midnight before the women were asked to go out and meet him and five of them no longer had enough oil for their lamps.)

They were not prepared and ended up being left outside the wedding. How do you think they felt about being left outside?

Understanding the Gospel

Sometimes things happen that we don’t expect and we realise that we are not ready for them. Can you think of a time when this has happened to you? What happened? How did you feel?

Can you think of a time when you were ready for something? When you were well prepared? What happened? How did you feel?

Jesus also asks us to be ready and prepared to be kind and loving to others whenever we have the chance. Are you ready to try and help people when they need some support?

How do you think you can show you are ready to help others? (Some ideas to help the children if they need: treating others as we would wish to be treated, sharing, trying to make the world a fairer place).

Let’s try our best to be prepared in this coming week to be loving, kind and generous. Let’s do our best to be ready to help others at home, at school, in the local community and around the world.

Interdisciplinary Reflection

CAFOD works through local experts around the world to help people be more prepared for what might happen.

For example, in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), local experts, supported by CAFOD have helped people prepare so that they know what to do if a volcano erupts.

They have helped the teachers at Karisimbi Primary school to plan a safe place for everyone in the school to go to if the volcano erupts, and they have made sure that even the youngest children know the way to get there. They practice with “evacuation drills” a bit like you might do a “fire drill” in your school. They have also taught the children how to look after each other if they get hurt.

Christian is 11. During an evacuation drill at his school, he heard the volcano warning sirens, and rushed to collect his little brother. They listened carefully to what the headteacher told them, then walked to the safe place. Christian carried his little brother when he got tired.

So, if there was ever a real volcano eruption Christian and his brother would know what to do. Being prepared in this situation can help save lives.


You may want to ask the children to offer their own prayers or you can use the suggestions below.

Let’s pray together:

We pray for all people around the world who face natural disasters: that they may be able to prepare as best they can to protect themselves. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for the work of CAFOD: that it may continue to help people be prepared and to change their lives for the better. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for our parish, family and friends: that we may be ready to follow Jesus and treat others as we would wish to be treated. Lord, in your mercy…

Closing prayer: God of all, help us to be ready to share what we have, to treat others as we would wish to be treated and to try to make the world a fairer place. Amen.

Activity suggestions

  • Invite the children to colour in the accompanying optional illustration and to write or draw on the back how they will be ready to help others in the coming week.
  • Encourage the children to write a prayer for all people who face natural disasters around the world, whether that’s volcanoes, earthquakes, floods or droughts – that they are able to prepare as best they can, and protect themselves, their homes and their land.
  • Invite the children to share all that they have heard and thought about today with others at home. Remind them to “be prepared” in the coming week – to do all that they can to be ready to help others. If they have written a prayer, encourage them to say it together at home or at school during the coming week.
SOURCE: Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) – Reformatted and adapted for browser
HOMESCHOOL: Click on banner above to show/hide interdisciplinary reflection/discussion relating this Sunday’s Gospels to Social Studies and Earth Science.
Reflection by Theresa (Kid's Bulletin)
Click on image/text to download entire bulletin for your children.

Sunday Connection (Loyola Press)

Always be prepared for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Reflection Questions for Grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8 which help connect the Scripture to daily life in a meaningful way.

Starter Questions (Diocese of Auckland)

What Did You Hear?

Diocese of Auckland provides the following starter questions for children to stimulate discussion about Sunday’s readings.

⚪  Have you ever had to be ready for something very important, and then found that you didn’t have something that you really needed?

⚪  Maybe you couldn’t find your rugby boots, or your dancing shoes, your swimming goggles, or perhaps the batteries in your torch were flat.

⚪  When there were weddings in the time that Jesus lived, the bridegroom would come to the house of the bride’s parents and take her to his house where the wedding feast would take place. Often the bridesmaids would go with the groom to collect the bride and then return to the celebrations. They had to have enough oil in their lamps to get to the bride’s house and back safely. What do you think Jesus was trying to tell us with this story? (we must always be ready, even when we aren’t sure exactly when we need to be.)

⚪  Why were some of the girls foolish and some wise?

⚪  What did Jesus say that the end of the story? (always be ready!

⚪  What do we need to be ready for? (Jesus will return again)

⚪  How can we keep ourselves readyfor when Jesus returns? (Do as Jesus taught us, live each day as well as we can, make it our best).

SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Although the following pages are not specific to children’s ministry, they can give CLOW leaders and catechists additional insight into Sunday’s readings.
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