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Children – 1B Advent


First Sunday of Advent (B)

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Children – Introduction

1B Advent

Screen shot from this week’s HOLY HEROES video, click on image to go to page where you can view video, and download Mass prep coloring page, and quiz.

Waiting and expectation


Images from the Readings:

  • Always be ready
  • Be on your guard!
  • God will bless you with peace
  • Believe in Jesus
  • Thank God always
SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland


FIRST READING: This first reading expresses a vigilant waiting as a petition for the Lord to make himself known, to reveal his presence.

SECOND READING: Saint Paul encourages the church at Corinth to wait and to be vigilant in their waiting for the return of the Christ.

GOSPEL: This short passage from Saint Mark’s Gospel is filled with vigilant and active waiting language; “Be watchful! Be alert!”


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church.


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SOURCE:  Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southbury, CT

Mark is writing for a community that is suffering persecution for what it believes and for the faith it practices. The people believe that the end time is near because their persecution seems like a battle of the forces of good against the forces for evil in their world. Mark tells them that they are to be vigilant, to wait in hope. He tells them that though they are expecting the end times,that the end times have already begun is not certain. He says that we don’t know when that time will come and that the best attitude to adopt is to always be ready for it, to always live in hope. The future,Mark tells them,is in God’s hands and beyond our control, understanding or prediction.

Isaiah tells his people that they are to be known for their faith and hope in God. A people who are forever watching for the actions and the presence of God in the world.Isaiah’s is a lament on behalf of his peoplejust returned to their land after suffering exile and hard times. They are struggling to re-establish themselves, poverty is rife yet they are full of hope. In their hope they chide their God for his apparent absence, they are striving for success and know that unless the hand of God is visible in what they do then they strive in vain. So they chide God in their determination to succeed.

SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland; Accompanying cartoon thumbnail is from The Cartoon Gospel, Used with permission.

The Second Coming

The season of Advent leads up to and prepares believers for Christmas, when we will celebrate the birth of the Lord, his incarnation among us. But as the Church prepares to celebrate his birth, it also looks forward to his second coming at the end of time. The Latin adventus means, “arrival.” Christ has come. He dwelt among us. The earth-shaking arrival of the Christ signaled a great change. Everything now moves forward to a great culmination when Christ will come again. In other words, it is not possible to look back in faith at the first coming of Christ without looking forward to its resolution in judgment and the fullness of the kingdom of God..

Catechist Background
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Intermediate Session
Junior High School

Sacrament Connection

In the Eucharist Christ is really made present. In the celebration of the Eucharist we acknowledge the power of Christ to transform everything. Celebrating Eucharist makes us ready for Christ who may arrive at any moment and bring the fullness of the kingdom.

SOURCE: RCL Bensiger Lectionary Resources

Children’s Videos

1B Advent

DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.
DISCLAIMER: Some videos are from non-Catholic sources. Therefore, be sure to preview before showing to your children.

Children’s Handouts PDF’s

1B Advent

Cropped image from this week’s CATHOLIC MOM coloring activity.
CATHOLIC MOM is a ministry of Holy Cross Family Ministries offering children’s handouts of Gospel Reading, a coloring page, lesson plans, Mass Worksheets for ages 7-10 and 11-14, Word Search, and Crossword puzzle.
Words in this week’s word search
The S.D.C., a Catholic Society in the UK, provides worksheets for use in Sunday Liturgy groups for children.

Download Worksheet (PDF)
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Teacher and mom, THERESA, creates Kids’ Bulletins, a resource for Catholic kids about the readings for Sunday’s Mass every week. More resources from Theresa can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Download page for Bulletins

Click below to access Sermons4Kids‘  sermon, coloring page, dot to dot, word search, multiple choice, etc. handouts related to Sunday’s Gospel.

Children’s Activities

1B Advent

MINISTRY TO CHILDREN (12:29): Lesson prepared by Kristin Schmidt, who serves at the Epiphany Lutheran Church in Castle Rock, CO.

FAMILY TIME: Mark’s gospel echoes an earlier theme. Be ready for the coming of the Lord! People are now getting into the spirit of anticipation. Christmas will soon be here! This weekend might be the time to slow down with your family for spiritual preparation.

  • Read the Mark 13:33-37 and discuss how everyone in your family is preparing for Christmas.
  • Plan to spend a little extra time in personal and family prayer.
  • And don’t forget to take extra time to spend with your family. A simple evening walk to look at Christmas lights is a great idea for quality time.
SOURCE: Larry Broding at Word-Sunday.com

ADVENT CALENDAR: Together as a family, write what you will do each day to get ready for Jesus’ coming.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor

MANGER FOR INFANT JESUS: Each evening during Advent, each member of the family tells one kind thing he or she has done that day to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Each places a straw in the manger for each good thing that he or she has done.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor

Jesus is Coming!

Ministry-To-Children Download printable craft directions to help children celebrate the original Advent of Christ as well as the future of the Second Coming. These crafts remind kids of the importance of hoping in God every day. Inspired by words taken from Mark 13, these crafts feature verses and messages from the proclamation of Jesus. A rooster puppet reminds us to “stay awake”; a star bookmark gives hope that God’s Word remains though Heaven and Earth pass away; and a calendar allows kids to recall the blessings God gives every day.

RELATED VIDEO: Children’s Sermon (Mark 13:24-37)

Paper Advent Wreath

Make your own Advent wreath as one way to remember that we are getting ready to welcome Jesus.

  1. Cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate
  2. Draw around your hands on green recycled paper and ask others to do the same
  3. Stick the cut-out hands around the outside of the paper plate to make the leaves
  4. Make four candles by rolling paper into tubes (3 purple and 1 pink)
  5. Attach a paper flame to one candle on each Sunday of Advent

Source: CAFOD

READ ALOUD WITH MR. PAUL (14:15): Why do bad things happen to good people? And how can we stand up under the weight of difficult times?

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Central to this story is the Tin Soldier’s vigilance and unwavering sense of duty in the face of many hardships and challenges. It stands as a story that defies that physical death as the end, but rather speaks to the eternal nature of love. The conclusion symbolizes love’s eternal nature, as the story ends with all but the Tin Soldier’s heart being consumed.

Caveat: This story does not have the traditional “happy ending”so the choice to use it should be determined by the age and maturity level of the audience and the comfort level of the teacher in fielding the emotions of the children.


SOURCE: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University; “Build. Plant. Grow.” = a free faith formation resource which aligns with the Liturgical Year of the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying video is NOT associated with Markkula Center.

“Watch Out!”

OBJECTS NEEDED:: a “dodgeball”or similar playground ball/small foam ball

THEME/MAIN IDEA: In the gospel passage, Jesus reminds us that we need to “watch out”for what God is doing and his eventual return…the Second Advent. When we aren’t attentive to what matters, we can get caught off guard.

PRESENTATION: “We are beginning the season of Advent,a time we look forward to a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Throughout this season we will talk about the hope that Jesus gives us. As we think about Christmas and Jesus coming for the first time as a little baby, we should also keep in mind that Jesus has said he will come back again someday…and not as a baby!I’ve brought something to share with you today… a simple toy that gives many children a great deal of joy no matter where they might live. It doesn’t need batteries and you can play for hours with them. Can you guess what this toy is? [Download PDF to READ MORE]


SOURCE: Intermountain Ministry, Restoring Hope for Children

Discussion Questions

1B Advent

Why do you think it is important to know about the lives of people who are living in other parts of the world?

Be on Watch and Be Alert

Children’s Liturgy (CAFOD) – Jesus promised us that one day he would return. In this gospel story Jesus is telling us that we must be ready when he comes again, but that we cannot be exactly sure when that will be. As we don’t know when he is coming, we must try to be ready all the time. Although we don’t have to stay awake all night, we can go to sleep! Advent is a time when we especially think about getting ready to welcome Jesus, when we remember his birth at Christmas and when he comes again in glory.

Making Connections

In today’s gospel, Jesus asks us to look out and keep our eyes open for what is happening around us, so that we are ready when he comes.

What do you think Jesus wants us to see when we look around us?

Do we sometimes see people who need our help? People who are lonely? People who are sad? People who do not feel well?

What do you think Jesus would like us to do when we see people who are sad, lonely, poor or sick?

Refugee camp in Bangladesh

Sometimes we hear the story of people who live a long way away but who also need our help. Saba lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Three years ago she had to leave her country of Myanmar with her three children because it wasn’t safe for them to live there any more. CAFOD has worked with local experts in Bangladesh to help Saba to build a shelter for her family to live in. She said, “The shelter kit is the thing that I treat as my treasure… we would just be under the sky if we don’t have a shelter to live in.”

Why do you think it is important to know about the lives of people who are living in other parts of the world?

How do you think you could help someone who has had to leave their home and their country?

What will you do next time you see or hear about someone who needs your help?

How will you make sure you are ready for Jesus when he comes again?

Activity Suggestion

Invite the children to look at the accompanying activity sheet and the picture on it. What can they spot happening in the picture? Encourage them to answer the questions and to think about how they could help some of the people in the picture. They could draw themselves into the picture helping someone or draw on the back what they would do to help. Encourage the children to do the other activities on the sheet either during the liturgy or later today.

Give the children a piece of paper or card with the outline of a window frame on it.

  • Invite them to imagine that they are looking out through the window at the world around them. What do they see?
  • Can they draw someone who needs some help in one corner, and in another corner draw how they would help that person.
  • In another corner, they could write a short prayer for all the people we see in the world who need our help.
SOURCE: Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) – Reformatted and adapted for browser

Jesus tells his disciples to watch for the coming of the Son of Man

Reflection Questions for Grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8 which help connect the Scripture to daily life in a meaningful way.


What Did You Hear?

Diocese of Auckland provides the following starter questions for children to stimulate discussion about Sunday’s Gospel.

⚪  If someone important is coming to visit you and your family, how do you prepare for their coming? Do you:

    • tidy your room and the rest of the house;
    • dust and clean;
    • prepare a meal; or make up a bed in the guest room?

⚪  It is easy to be ready for a visitor when you know the time to expect them, but sometimes they arrive unexpectedly and surprise you! Would you find it more difficult to keep everything just as it should be if you did not know when your visitor was coming?

⚪  Does anyone know exactly when Jesus will return to us? We know that Jesus will return at the end of time, but only God knows exactly when that will be.

⚪  What did Jesus tell us to do? To keep ourselves ready for the time when he will come again. How can we do this? Just as we prepare our homes and put them in order for a visitor, so we can prepare our hearts and put our lives in order for Jesus.

⚪  Advent is a good time to spring clean our lives! To polish up the good things and make them shine, and to clear out the bad habits so that we can make a fresh start. By living each day as Jesus taught us, filled with goodness and love, we will be ready to welcome him when he comes again.

SOURCE: Catholic Diocese of Auckland

Children’s Reflections

1B Advent

Click on image/text to download entire bulletin for your children.


The following children’s sermons are linked to Sermon Writer, which was operated by Niell Donavan, a United Christ clergyman from 1997 until his death in 2020. His wife Dale is graciously keeping his website online FREE, subscription no longer required. As Catholic Catechists, be sure to adapt if necessary before presenting to children.

First Reading

The potter

by Lois Parker Edstrom

What a wonderful image to think of being shaped by God’s hand. Not only are we created by God, but as we study and pray we continue to be shaped by God’s wisdom and love. You are created by God. You are beautiful! Just by being yourself you bring joy to others and to God.

Second Reading

Enrich your life

The Apostle Paul speaks about this word in the Bible. He gives thanks to God for Christians living in Corinth because “in everything” they were enriched by Jesus “in all speech and all knowledge” (1:5). We learn that Christ Jesus enriches lives. He makes our lives better. As Christians we learn new ways of living that help us every day.


We like watching ballerinas dance because they are so graceful…When we accept God’s love we learn to move about in the world in a more graceful way. This happens as we learn how to treat others respectfully, how to be forgiving, how to love others even when they don’t deserve it.

Gospel Reading

Be ready

It is fun to take pictures and have them to look at later… To capture those rare moments and snap a very special picture, the photographer must have a camera that is in good condition and ready to be used at all times. Jesus speaks to us in the Bible about being ready.

Sermon excerpts from Sermon Writer: Children’s Sermons – All Rights Reserved | © 1997-2020 Richard Niell Donovan
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