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18A Ordinary Time – Children


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18A Ordinary Time – Children

18A Ordinary Time – Children

August 2, 2020

This Week’s Themes

1. A place to be alone
2. Give them something
3. leftovers
4. come to me and you will live
5. nothing can separate us from God’s love

SOURCE: Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

Background to the Readings for Leaders

The reading from Isaiah was written to encourage the people exiled in Babylon. It is an invitation to the Master’s banquet through the basic necessities of water, food, wine and milk, where the spirit will be satisfied. It ends with a renewal of the covenantal promise given to David.

Prior to the Gospel reading, John the Baptist had publicly denounced the marriage of Herod Antipas and his niece and sister-in-law Herodius. Herod Antipas had him arrested and executed. Jesus is grieved by the news of John’s death and so withdraws to a place of solitude with his friends. But already his fame prevents this occurring, as the people crowd with their own needs, and Jesus’ compassion wells up for them.

The gathering eventually needs feeding, and the recounting of this event is the only miracle which is recorded in all four gospels. Jesus is challenging his disciples to take the initiative so that they can be trained as confident leaders after he has gone.

It is significant that what is underlined is the concern that Jesus has for the basic physical needs of the people, not just the spiritual. With such meagre provisions the huge crowd is fed with abundance–a foretaste of both the Last Supper and later the Eucharist that was to form such a part of our tradition in the early Church and today.

SOURCE: Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.
Jesus Feeds The Poor - Feeding the 5000 - Bible Stories For Kids - Miracles of Jesus Christ

Videos for Children

Each week videos are posted on this page which coordinate with Sunday’s readings. Catechists, however, should preview them before showing them to their class.

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God’s Love

Miracle of the Loaves

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Kid's Bulletin

The Kids’ Bulletins are a resource for Catholic kids who would like to have some fun while learning about the readings from the Sunday Mass every week. Use the link below to access resources which are usually updated early in the week.

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S.D.C. Sunday Worksheet

The S.D.C., a Catholic Society in the UK which works in the field of Catechesis, provides worksheets for use in Sunday Liturgy groups for children.

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Catholic Mom's Crossword Puzzle
Each week the Catholic Mom website offers resources. The website is a ministry of Holy Cross Family Ministries with Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C., President.Use the link below to access resources which are usually updated early in the week.

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Sunday Connection Activities (Loyola Press)

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Story of St. Dominic de Guzman | Stories of Saints | Episode 80

Saint Dominic de Guzman – August 8

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Supplemental Videos

Videos which are intended for catechists and older youth. Be sure to preview before showing them to your students.

Denver Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen with Charissa Cruz

Soup Kitchen

Jesus told his disciples to feed those in need. Reflect on how Jesus can feed others through your family. Plan a trip to a soup kitchen. If possible, make arrangements to prepare and serve the food.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor
Love Lesson: Children learn friendship by sharing meal


How does your family practice hospitality or share with others the abundance of God’s love? Invite a guest or another family to share a meal in your home. Discuss ways that your family can welcome others in need.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor
Helping Kids Share

Clean Out the Closet

Clean out your closets. Most families have an abundance of clothing that is packed in closets and dresser drawers. Have each family member stack that clothing in a box. Together take the boxes to a homeless shelter, Goodwill, or any other agency that is in need of clothing.

SOURCE: Our Sunday Visitor

Catechists / Liturgical Leaders

1. Step by step Jesus trained his followers to care for others. His compassion for the crowds took priority over his own need for space and solitude. Can you identify a time when you have been moved by compassion for others? What happened?

2. In the Gospel Jesus takes the limited resources available through his disciples. In our country of plenty, how well do we share our abundance with the rest of humanity?

3. What are the resources that you bring to Jesus for him to bless and share?

4. During this week reflect on the miracle that we encounter in the Eucharist –Jesus takes bread –preparation of bread and wine; Jesus blesses God –Eucharistic prayer of praise and thanksgiving; Jesus breaks bread –fraction rite; Jesus gives bread to be distributed –communion rite. Take some quiet time to look deeply at the special prayers of the liturgy.

SOURCE: Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.


Suggested Beginning: A good place to begin is with the question: What did you hear? Allow each child the opportunity to respond in their own words to hearing the Word of God. Then begin a general discussion, building on these responses, perhaps using some prepared questions, like the following, to stimulate ideas.

  1. Have you ever missed out on something you wanted because someone else ate it all, or got more than you?
  2. Today Jesus tells us about a time when there wasn’t much to share, but when people did they found they had plenty to eat and lots left over. Do you know this story? What is it called? (the miracle of the loaves and fishes)
  3. What is a miracle?
  4. Why did Jesus tell his friends to give the crowd food themselves when they didn’t have enough? Did they want to do it? Why?
  5. If one of them had eaten all the bread and fish, what do you think would have happened?
  6. How much was left over after everyone had eaten?
  7. What does this tell us about Jesus?
  8. Can you think of some other time when bread is blessed, broken and shared with others?
  9. What happens when there isn’t enough food in another country to feed the people there? What do you think Jesus wants us to do then?
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