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Between indifferentism and tribalism

OCTOBER 18, 2020

29A Ordinary Time Podcasts

Bishop Robert Barron Podcast Archive

29A Ordinary Time (Year A)


Caesar and God

Jesus places everything in its proper relationship to God. But he also chastises those who are involved in power games. God is ultimately in charge and rules over even Caesar.


Render to Caesar

The Gospel for today raises the famously complex question of the relationship between “religion” and “politics.” Though there is a legitimate distinction between the two, this can never turn into a separation. We should certainly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but we must never forget that even Caesar belongs to God.


Caesar and Christ

We must render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. But we must also recall that everything belongs to God, including Caesar! Secular government and culture have their legitimate place, but they are not independent of God and God’s purposes.

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30A Ordinary Time Podcasts

Bishop Robert Barron Podcast Archive

30A Ordinary Time (Year A)


The great commandment

Today’s magnificent Gospel should set the tone for your entire life. Trying to trap him, the Pharisees ask Jesus which of the commandments of the law is the greatest. His clear and simple answer is that we should direct all our love toward God, and therefore, love what he loves.


Pier Giorgio Frassati and social justice

Is the Catholic Church a proponent of social justice? Yes, according to this week’s readings. They reveal a compassionate God, who hears the cries of the poor and then encourages us to reciprocate his love. Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati understood this well. The young saint heeded both of Jesus’ Great Commandments by loving God and, therefore, loving his neighbor.


Three tasks of the Church

Christ calls us to worship the Father, teach and evangelize in his name, and serve and care for him in the poor. The Church is the Body through, in and with which we do these things. But the meaning of this all is placing God at the center of our lives.


Three tasks of the Church

Pope Benedict has said that the church has three basic jobs: to care for the poor, to evangelize, and to worship. These three are on clear display in our three readings for the weekend.


The greatest commandment

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind–and your neighbor as yourself.” This is the way that Jesus summed up the law and the prophets. Finally, it is a matter of love, and the love of God and neighbor are tightly intertwined. I try to illustrate this principle by telling the life of Rose Hawthorne, a woman who loved God precisely by loving some of the most ostracized people of her time.

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Solemnity of All Saints Podcasts

Bishop Robert Barron Podcast Archive

Solemnity of All Saints


What does it mean to be a saint?

One problem with our great feast day today is that it can make sanctity seem like something that is the special preserve of a handful of spiritual heroes—and not the ordinary goal of the Christian life. But the whole purpose of the Church—priesthood, the Mass, the sacraments, good preaching, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy—is to make saints. There is only one real sadness in life: not to be a saint. Don’t miss the opportunity.


The Communion of Saints

The magnificent diversity of the Saints indicates to us that we have been called to holiness. Holiness is about more than a kind of humanisn, but a deliberate and sincere discipline of life by which we imitate Christ and accept his presence in all the circumstances of our lives.

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