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Chapter 15:

Baptism: Becoming a Christian

Sacraments of Initiation
Dying and Rising with Christ
The Liturgy of Baptism
The Sign of the Cross
Readings from Scripture
Exorcism and Anointing
Blessing the Baptismal Water
Renunciation of Sin and Profession of Faith
The Essential Rite of the Sacrament
The Anointing with Sacred Chrism
Reception of the White Garment and the Candle
The Necessity of Baptism
Who Can Baptize?
Who Can Receive Baptism?
The Baptism of Adults
The Baptism of Infants
Baptism of Blood, Baptism of Desire
Effects of Baptism
Sins Forgiven
Adopted Children of God
Initiated in the Church
Bonded to Other Christians
Baptismal Character
Baptism is a Call to Holiness
Doctrinal Statements

Chapter 16:

Confirmation: Consecrated for Mission

The Sacrament of the Holy Spirit
The Liturgy of Confirmation
The Anointing with Sacred Chrism
The Recipient of Confirmation
The Essential Rite of Confirmation
The Minister of Confirmation
The Effects of Confirmation
The Mission and Witness of the Confirmed
Doctrinal Statements


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Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism & Confirmation

Tour of the Catechism

by Father Daniel Mahan, S.T.L.

Basics of Catholicism

by Father Joel Hastings

Catechetical Institute Series

by Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama

3 Minute Catechism

by Fr. Johannes M. Schwarz

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Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism & Confirmation

Christ the Priest Media’s Compendium Series

Fr Gerard Ryan CCS

For over 60 years the public association of the Confraternity of Christ the Priest [CCS] has been living the mandate of Jesus Christ to “go out to the whole world and preach the Gospel”, knowing that each person “who believes and is baptized will be saved” [Mark 16:16]. Adapting to changing media applications, the CCS has launched its digital preaching and teaching media.

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Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism & Confirmation



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