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Cardinal Burke: The Family is a Little Church
ASCENSION PRESENTS (3:42) - In this exclusive interview from 2015, His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke, shares the importance of devotionals for Catholic families and explains the role they played for him in his childhood.

Family Life

The Family is a Little Church


“God, our Parent, you have given us time today to reflect on our families. Bless us withthe clear light you gave Anna and Simeon. Help us to recognize Christ in our midst as they did. Amen.”


God sets a father in honor over his children; a mother’s authority he confirms over her sons. Whoever honors his father atones for sins, and preserves himself from them. When he prays, he is heard; he stores up riches who reveres his mother. (Sirach 3:2-4)


by Fr. Clement D. Thibodeau
Among human beings, the family provides an environment for the creation, education, nurturing,and growth of the person in all aspects. Biological life springs from the relationship of a man and a woman committed to one another and to the children to be born from the union of hearts, souls, and bodies. Protection and care for those children is provided by mothers and fathers as human life develops from the embryo to adulthood. Love and guidance provide the energies needed for children to hope in a future for themselves and for their own families. Education in human and social values comes first from the family.
Any disorder in family life affects children profoundly and sometimes leaves wounds that will always be carried as burdens in those lives that have been so marked.
A healthy family life also includes education and formation in spiritual and religious values and principles. Mothers and fathers who themselves possess a healthy spirituality and practice positive religious expressions will pass these on to their children primarily by the example and witness of their lives. It is natural for children to want to absorb and imitate the values and practices of adults if these are seen as beneficial, freely chosen, and productive of happiness for the individual.
Parents do not need to “preach” these things to their children. In fact, “preaching” is often perceived as an indication that adults are fairly insecure in the ideas and principles they promote so vocally and so loudly. The result is that children often react protectively against such “preaching” and do the opposite!
Love, respect, and kindness are never oppressive when these are authentic and firmly rooted in a healthy family environment. Unfortunately, what some call “love” happens to be a distorted kind of compulsion to control another person. That ends up being the most destructive of freedom and of growth. Children cannot grow to become responsible persons in that kind of environment.
The mystery of Christian marriage (called a sacrament in Catholic tradition) envelops persons and their most intimate relationships in the power and healing energies of Jesus Christ, the Lord of our Redemption.
See: The Catechism: # 2201-13, 2232-33
ECHOING GOD'S WORD – © 2017 Rev. Clement D. Thibodeau (1932-2017); Adapted; Used with permission.
ECHOING GOD'S WORD – © 2017 Rev. Clement D. Thibodeau (1932-2017); Adapted; Used with permission.
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