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The Sacraments:
Faith Celebrated

Introduction to the Liturgy and the Sacraments
C 1066-1209, USC Ch. 14

Baptism and Confirmation
C 1212-1321, USC Chs. 15 & 16

The Eucharist
C 1322-1419, USC Ch. 17

C 1422-1497, USC Ch. 18

Anointing of the Sick
C 1499-1532, USC Ch 19

Holy Orders
C 1536-1600, USC Ch. 20

C 1601-1666, USC Ch. 21

Faith Lived

Foundations of Catholic Morality I
C 1691-1876, USC Ch. 23-24

Foundations of Catholic Morality II
C 1803-2051, USC Ch. 23-24

First and Second Commandments: Putting God First
C 2084-2167, USC Ch. 26

Third and Fourth Commandments: Rest, Community Worship & Family Life
C2168-2257, USC Ch.27-28

Fifth Commandment: Promoting a Culture of Life
C 2259-2330, USC Ch. 29

Sixth and Ninth Commandments: Sexual Morality
C 1536-1600, USC Ch. 20

Seventh and Tenth Commandments: A Faith that Does Justice
C2401-2463, 2534-2557, USC Ch 31 & 34

The Eight Commandment: Witnesses to the Truth
C 2464-2513, USC Ch. 32

Prayer: Faith Prayed

Prayer I
C 2558-2758, USC Ch. 35

Prayer II: The Lord’s Prayer
C 2700-2719, 2759-2865, USC pp 473-474 & Ch. 36


Gandhi (3/8) Movie CLIP - Room For Us All (1982) HD
Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) and Rev. Andrews (Ian Charleson) encounter a racist youth (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the street. (2:42)


"If Christians have caste differences..."

M. K. Gandhi in his autobiography tells how, during his days in South Africa as a young Indian lawyer, he read the Gospels and saw in the teachings of Jesus the answer to the major problem facing the people of India, the caste system.
In the scene in the clip above, Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) and Rev. Andrews (Ian Charleson) encounter a racist youth (Daniel Day-Lewis) in the street. Not only does Gandhi have great courage to face the youth, but says, "There is room for us all."
Later, seriously considering embracing the Christian faith, Gandhi went to a white-only church one Sunday morning, intending to talk to the pastor about the idea. When he entered the Church, however, the usher refused to give him a seat and told him to go and worship in another church with his own colored people. Gandhi left the church and never returned. “If Christians have caste differences also,” he said, “I might as well remain a Hindu.” (Fr. Munacci)
SOURCE: Fr. Tony's Homilies

Gandhi Documentary - Biography of the life of Mahatma Gandhi

The People Profiles - 28:00

Gandhi Documentary (1997)

Gandhi Documentary (1997)

reelblack - 43:58

🔴 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes of Wisdom - Top 10

Top 10 Quotes of Wisdom by Mahatma Gandhi

Quotes & Messages - 2:55

IMDb Information Box
Gandhi (1982) 191min | Biography, Drama, History | 25 February 1983 (USA) Summary: The life of the lawyer who became the famed leader of the Indian revolts against the British rule through his philosophy of nonviolent protest.
Countries: UK, IndiaLanguages: English
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