When it comes to addictions, professional interventions can work, but they are most likely to work when the principal enablers, or codependents, really do the work to understand the addiction and their enabling role in the family or organization. When the codependents genuinely understand and have compassion for the alcoholic or addict, then an intervention is more likely to be successful. I liken the crises and cover ups in the Catholic Church to that of a dysfunctional family with most members stuck in denial. In this video I try to explain all that and offer some hope that solutions are possible. I would like to more specific but the time is not right for that. I need to consider prudence. In the meantime, let each viewer receive the message as he or she will, in a similar way that the hearers of Jesus’ parables might understand His message at different levels. Remember that in dysfunctional families or organizations anyone who speaks about the problems becomes the problem and is scapegoated and attempts are made to malign and silence. May the Holy Spirit guide each of the faithful in these turbulent times.

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