In this video, a excerpt from the Mass Readings Explained, Dr. Brant Pitre discusses the connection between Jesus’ actions and words in the Gospels and the beloved servant in Isaiah 42. There are many Old Testament fulfillments in the readings for Mass on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord — this one certainly ranks high up on the list of fulfillments that lend credibility to Jesus being the long awaited Messiah that will not just bring a new Torah to the Jews but also to the Gentiles, the whole world.

Notable excerpt:

“So the reason the Church picks this passage as background to the Baptism of Jesus is because Jesus is being revealed as the beloved — not just the Son — but the beloved servant of God, in whom God’s soul takes delight, upon whom the Spirit comes and who will eventually bring this new law, this new light, not just to Israel but to the Gentiles as well. That’s what he’s going to do, and the way you’ll know he’s the servant … is through his miracles, right. He’s going to ‘open the eyes of the blind,’ he’s going to bring out the ‘prisoners from the dungeon.’ That’s exactly what Jesus is going to begin to do in his public ministry: Open people’s eyes to the truth of his new law, but also literally open their eyes through his healings, and his signs, and his wonders.”

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