In this video, which is an excerpt from The Mass Readings Explained for the Epiphany of the Lord, Dr. Pitre discusses the background to the wise men as found in the Gospel of Matthew 2, what the wise men were in pursuit of, and part of why they were headed to Bethlehem specifically.

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Notable quote from this video:
And think about this for a second, the star in the heavens, which is kind of like the book of creation, so the Magi are reading the book of creation and it gives them some guidance, but then the other is the city of Bethlehem which they read about in the book of the Scriptures. So these two books, the book of creation and the book of the Scriptures, need to be read together in order for the Magi to find the Christ child, in order for them to find the one who has been born, the King of the Jews. So the book of nature gets them so far, it gets them to Jerusalem, but they need the Scriptures to finally locate the true Messiah, to locate the King.

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