November 18, 2018, Thirty third Sunday in Year B
Preparing for the End time with Love

Generally people obey rules for two reasons; one is positive while the other is negative. One is out of love, commitment and appreciation while the other is out of fear of being punished. In some countries for instance, some people scramble for their seat belts while driving when they sight Road Safety Workers on the way; this is obedience out of fear of punishment rather than appreciation of the need for safety. We should be moved to be in heaven by our love for God, our appreciation for His goodness and commitment to doing His will than the fear of going to hell and being eternally punished. We should be sustained by heavenly faith than by hellish fear!
Any end time preaching or reading frightens so many people. The Readings of today present us with end time episodes. As the liturgical and calendar year draws to an end we are reminded that we are in this world for a moment! There is an end in view. The readings speak about the end of time but with a particular emphasis: those who trust in the Lord, and who live His life to the best of their ability have nothing to fear. Today’s readings tell us that God is in control. We do our best to give ourselves to Him. The basic message, though, is, “Do not be afraid. Trust in God. He will care for you.” We need to do our best to get out of the fear mind set and live as people of the faith we profess.
Perhaps many of us are not inordinately concerned about the end of the world. But each of us does have certain areas of fear in our lives. Some are afraid due to their health or that of a loved one. Maybe we are going to die sooner than we expect. Everyone dies sooner than she or he expects. Should we live in panic like the pagans, or should we trust in God to care for us?
Despite the natural disasters referred to in the Gospel, where darkness dominates all, good news is announced to us. We shall see the awaited one, the Son of man. He will gather his elected children from the whole world. There is no privileged place from where God’s children are to be selected. The entire earth is holy and so no place is cursed. The moment when these events will occur is not known to us, it belongs to the mystery of God and it is useless for us to worry about. The important thing is to remember that if heaven and earth will pass away, the Word of God will not pass. Our main concern, the Gospel tells us is to listen to this word, to live by it. In any case we should be more concerned about eternity than the fear of the end of the world which is sure to come but at a divinely appointed time not by human predictions. The question that could be more productive is: “How ready I am if the Lord should come today will I be saved severed?” We must prepare for the End Time with Love!
Jude Thaddeus Langeh, cmf
Please pray for me

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