A lecture given by Scott Hahn talking about the existence of and the reason for the existence of Hell in which he shares what scripture teaches about why hell is necessary. What it is like? Who goes there? How can you stay out forever? He explains why Lucifer refused to serve and then responds from a scriptural perspective to the most seductive modern errors about hell. Included are two bonus excerpts from Dr. Hahn’s talk, The Healing Power of Confession.

In this lecture you will learn:

* Why Lucifer the highest of Gods angels refused to serve
* What the Pope meant when he said hell was not a place, but a state of being
* Why so many theologians today disbelieve in hell and why others believe that hell is empty
* What is the most seductive modern error about hell
* What even good Catholics fail to understand about Original Sin
* How Catholics and Protestants differ on Original Sin
* How a mistaken view of Original Sin leads to bigger mistakes about justification
* What the devil knows about Mary and wants to keep us from finding out


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