Sunday, July 01, 2018, 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Theme: “Your faith has saved you.”

Jesus manifests His saving power in two inter-knotted miracles. Physical healing brings to mind our salvation as He says, “Your faith has saved you.” According to Leviticus 15:19 a woman was considered unclean and would also make unclean all those who touched her. She was therefore prohibited from mingling with others. Her faith, however, drove her to break the Law of “Purification” and risk a scandal. She heard these consoling words, “Your faith has saved you”.

We can ask a very philosophical cum theological question today. Who is responsible for a miracle? Does it come from the faith of the one who asks or from Christ who works the miracle? Or better still, with our news media filled with “Miracle Workers”, who is the author of miracles, the one asking or the self-acclaimed miracle worker of Christ? If a miracle depends solely on a person’s faith or that of the self-acclaimed miracle worker, then what is the difference between the faithful who asks God for a cure and the one who goes to any soothsayer or “Ngambe” healer? God is the Sole master of every situation. The collaboration He expects of us is to live our faith.

The people coming to Jesus were, of course, far from recognising Him as the Son of God, but they were convinced that God would give them some blessing through this prophet and holy man. Their faith prepared them to receive bodily and spiritual healing. How can God heal those who refuse hope? Jesus’ power stood out. He was conscious that healing power had gone out from him. “Your faith has saved you’” This can also be translated as your faith has made you well. In fact, that woman risked all and finally saw how much God loved her.

The same is true for the second miracle about the raising from the dead of the little girl in Jarius’ house. Jesus tells Jairius not to be afraid but to only believe. But how much faith does a man need not to give up even when he knows his daughter is already dead! But Jesus tells us today, “believe only”, as He has power even over death. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, who is true God and true Man (CCC 423). Born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ is “the eternal Son of God made man.” “From His fullness have we all received, grace upon grace” (Jn 1:16) (CCC 423).

“Your faith has saved you.” Lord I have faith, Save me!

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