Homily of Sunday 17 June 2018, 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, B
Being the soil ready to receive the seed.
A seed in biological term is a plant’s or animal’s unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another such plant or animal. It biblical parlance, it applies to a person’s offspring or descendants. We understand why the prophecy goes that a seed shall shoot from the stock of Jesse……Jesus Christ is interpreted as the seed of David. In another understanding a seed is the cause or latent beginning of a feeling, process, or condition. There are many other definitions of a seed. Jesus hinges today on the biological understanding to talk about the kingdom of God. In most cases we know that the seen is often smaller than the resultant plant or tree. One wonders if such small seed could give rise to such a large plant.
Scientists today have sought to produce improved seeds that could also improve production. They have developed many strategies too of improving not only the seed but also the soil that receives the seed. The gardener or the farmer caters for the seed so that it produces good results.
The main question in today’s Gospel is this: What can we say the kingdom of God is like? We may be tempted to see and compare this kingdom to one of the most successful and affluent “world powers”. Jesus however takes us back to something very small which has the capacity of growing into bigger things. He compares the kingdom to a see. He even goes far as to compare it with the smallest of the seed, the mustard seed.
The seed of the kingdom has already been prepared by God. It is good seed. It is the best seed. It only needs the soil that is ready to receive the seed. If the kingdom of God is to be planted, then it is planted in us. How do we improve and cater for this soil so that it can receive the best of the seed that can ever exist. The fruits we bear will be tantamount to how we, as the soils have made ourselves ready to receive the seed.
God has wants his kingdom in us to grow into the biggest shrub and biggest branches so that birds of the air can find shelter in its shade. The poor, homeless, sick, marginalized, etc around us are in need of our shelter. We must not think we are too small to do this task. Who will do it if you don’t? At our baptism God sowed this seed of the kingdom into us. We must be the good soil in which the seed of the kingdom will grow.
Fr. Jude Thaddeus Langeh, cmf
Please pray for me

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