Homily given by Father Joachim Mudd, F.I. at the Mass on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, February 2, 2018.


Praised be Jesus and Mary. Mary in all humility fulfills the the Jewish rite of purification after childbirth. But the the significance of of Simeon’s encounter with the Child Jesus and his mother in the temple is the fact that he immediately recognized the child as the the fulfillment of all the the Messianic prophecies, all of the hopes and prayers of the people of Israel. Inspired by the holy spirit he prophesied that Jesus would be a revealing light to the Gentiles. The holy spirit reveals the the presence of the Lord to those who are receptive and eager to receive him.

When the first temple was built in Jerusalem God’s glory came to rest there. After the the first temple was destroyed, Ezekiel saw God’s glory leave it, but God promised one day to fill it with even greater glory and this promise is fulfilled in this day’s feast as we commemorate the the presentation of the Lord, when the the king of kings, the King of glory Himself, comes to his temple.

Simeon blessed Mary and Joseph and and prophesied to Our Lady that you know about the destiny of her child and in the suffering that he would undergo and she would have to endure. There’s a certain paradox for those blessed by the Lord. Mary was given the privilege of being the mother of the Son of God but that blessing would also become a sword which would pierce her immaculate heart as as her son died upon the cross. She received both a crown of joy and a crown of sorrow, but her joy was not diminished by her sorrow. She was fueled by her faith her hope and trust in God and in his promises.

Simeon was not alone in recognizing the Lord’s presence in the temple. Anna too was filled with the Holy Spirit. She was found daily in the temple fasting, praying, attending to the Lord and speaking prophetically to others about God’s promise to send a redeemer. Anna was a woman of great hope and expectation that God would fulfill all of his promises. She’s a model of godliness to all believers who have to be about fasting and prayer if we wish to recognize the Lord in our life in those moments that he comes to us and assures us of his love of his presence. Her hope in God and his promises grew with age. She never ceased to worship God and to pray with hope and her hope and faith in God’s promises which fueled her her zeal and fervor and her service of God and of her neighbor to tell them of God’s goodness, his faithfulness to his promises.

The hope which God places in our heart is there for the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness. By placing our trust in the the promises of Jesus and and relying not on our own strength but on His mercy and forgiveness, on the mediation of Our Lady, and the example of her faith and obedience, her humility. We to are to be filled with the holy spirit and recognize God in our life every day, his saving presence. Our Lady will help us to recognize her son and to point him out to others to be an example of faith and devotion as Simeon and and Anna were to their own generation.

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