14th January 2018, Second Sunday in Ordinary time Year B
God’s Call and our Response
God wants to associate humanity (men, women and children) with the announcement of the Kingdom. The Call of Samuel reminds us that every person has a vocation. This entails that God calls individuals and destines them to accomplish their own irreplaceable tasks.

In God we live a life of grace. God calls and man answers. The young Samuel says: “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. Without the disposition to listen, God keeps silent. When God speaks and man listens, the history of salvation is renewed. Samuel listened to the Word of God and announced it to the people. It is thus seen that the vocation, the call and the mission all go together. God never calls us for nothing. Each of us has a single and special mission to fulfill.

When we recognise Jesus as the Lamb of God ad seek to follow him. He accepts. It is thus an invitation to follow the Master in order to put our steps in His, on the road of paradise. It is only with him that the realisation of this project is possible.

To achieve the mission that God entrusts to us, a union of our hearts with Jesus is necessary. As Christians, we may ask: are we always able like Samuel to lead our brothers and our sisters where we found the good? We have the responsibility to direct our children to answer God’s call. John the Baptist in recognizing Jesus as the Lamb of God helped two of his disciples to follow the Master. Andrew having followed the Master Jesus also brought his brother Simon Peter to discover the Messiah, the Christ whom he had found Are we able to give the possibility to those whom we held by the hand to carry out their life, without us, following Christ as John the Baptist did it?

Fr. Jude Thaddeus Langeh, cmf
Please pray for me

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