Christmas Day
The Good News! Rejoice and be glad for the Word was made flesh and dwelt among God. History has been broken; God has taken our human condition. He lives among us in our daily chores, sharing our joys and sorrows. It is Good News! The People walking in darkness have seen a great light! Christmas is the Feast of the Light. In the darkness of our hearts, Christ the Light has found a befitting dwelling. Yes, it is Good News, a baby has been born! This baby has changed the course of history.
All attention now is drawn towards humble Bethlehem, to a humble manger. The Angels are already rendering the “Born House” song, GLoria In Excelsis Deo. The Child is worshipped by Angels, by His own parents, by poor shepherds and even by the animals! This is the humble beginning of a change in our human history. All other histories before were just prefaces and other histories and stories after this remain will only be footnotes.
Where do you place yourself in the above history? It is only through humility that we can partake in this God’s humble intervention in our history. And shepherds on the hillside heard a sky full of angels crying out, “Glory to God in the highest and Peace to People of Good Will.” Peace to you. Peace to your families. Happy Christmas to you all!

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