Sunday reflections : April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday
Theme: Alleluia, Jesus is Alive!
Alleluia resounds again in this holy season beginning with this great Feast of Feasts: Easter Sunday. Joyful news! Easter news! Our Saviour is not in a tomb. He is alive. He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia.
On Good Friday millions of people throughout the world gather to venerate the Cross of the Lord. Without Christ, epitomised by Good Friday, we are lost, confused, and overcome by sinfulness. There is a seeming triumph of falsity over truth, of injustice over justice, of evil over goodness.
Jesus was falsely charged of crimes He did not commit and unjustly sentenced to a death He did not deserve. His very good friend and an apostle betrayed Him. His trusted companions deserted Him. The people He loved demanded His crucifixion and chose to have a bandit, Barabbas, released in His place. To crown it all, Jesus is scourged, mocked, led on a death march, nailed to the cross where He dies after a few hours and is hastily buried in a tomb.
Easter comes with a different story as shown in the joy depicted in the beautiful readings in the Church’s liturgy. They remind us of the immense difference between the absence of Christ and His risen presence. The Resurrection renews and restores good over evil, salvation over sin and life over death. Easter teaches that death is not the end of the story. Jesus regains His eternal glory with the Father. He is the Lord, who will prevail over all humankind; His enemies included. This is good news for His embattled followers.
The Resurrection is first a faith reality. The truth and belief in the Resurrection is also founded upon historical data. Thus today, to see, testify and believe are strong expressions to guide our meditation. Jesus shows Himself, eats in the company of some of His disciples and gives them certain recommendations. Those who saw Him, testify to those who want to understand.
To understand today’s celebration, as St. Paul says, we must see the rising from the dead as belonging to the category of realities that are above; mysteries beyond our comprehension. To make it simpler, we are celebrating the Resurrection. After being in the tomb for three days, Jesus resurrected. And because of His Resurrection, our faith is not in vain. Because of His Resurrection, we also have Eternal Life.
Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Jesus is alive! Alleluia!

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