St. Dominic Savio was born on April 2, 1842 to a devout and pious family.

Even as a small child, he said grace before every meal and refused to eat with those who did not. He was always encouraged others to pray.

Dominic attended Church regularly. If the church was closed he knelt and prayed anyway, even outside in the snow and mud.

In school, Dominic was recognized as an exceptional student who studied hard and performed well. He became an altar server. He attended daily Mass and went to confession. He asked to receive his first communion at the age of seven. Dominic said that the day of his First Communion was the happiest day of his life.

On the Day he received his first communion, Dominic wrote four promises in a little book. Those promises were:

I will go to Confession often, and as frequently to Holy Communion as my confessor allows.
I wish to sanctify the Sundays and festivals in a special manner.
My friends shall be Jesus and Mary.
Death rather than sin.

In October 1854, Dominic was personally introduced to Fr. Bosco. Dominic told Bosco he wanted to become a priest.

Dominic studied directly under Fr. Bosco. He worked diligently and always asked questions when he did not understand something.

Sadly, at the same time, his health began to fail. His doctor recommended he be sent home to recover.

Before he departed, Dominic made the Exercise of a Happy Death and predicted this would be his final devotion.

After four days at home, Dominic’s health worsened. His last words were, “Goodbye, Dad, goodbye… Oh what wonderful things I see!” Dominic fell asleep and died within minutes on March 9, 1857. He was merely 14 year of age.

Fr. Bosco was powerfully touched by Dominic and he wrote a biography, “The Life of Dominic Savio.” As people learned about Dominic, they called for his canonization.

Dominic Savio was declared venerable in 1933 by Pope Pius XI, beatified in 1950, then canonized in 1954 by Pope Pius XII.

Saint Dominic is the patron saint of choirboys, the falsely accused, and juvenile delinquents. His feast day is May 6, moved from March 9.

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