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Different perspectives on Sunday’s readings from a variety of sources

Fr. Stevenson’s Reflections
Fr. Stevenson's Reflections
Fr. Francis Stevenson is pastor at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Tahoe City, California. He has been ordained since 1992.

Catholic Women Preach
Catholic Women Preach
Catholic Women Preach presents videos of Catholic women preachers -- diverse in age, nationality, and ethnicity -- preaching on the Lectionary Readings for Sundays and select feast days.

Life Teen Summit Videos
Joel Stepanek of Life Teen unpacks the Sunday's readings each week by sharing key historical and contextual details.

The Word Exposed
Cardinal Luis Tagle, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, is the host of the Word Exposed Catholic television program.

SOLT Liturgy Prep
Sunday liturgy prep series from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).

Catholic Kids Homilies
The Catholic Kids series is an effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids that does not water down Catholicism. These videos tackle tougher questions of Faith in order to help kids live Christ-centered lives.

Dr. Brant Pitre
Dr. Brant Pitre offers a variety of Biblical study videos covering a variety of topics such as explaining the Sunday Mass Readings.

USCCB Sunday Reflections
Sunday reflections from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The One-Minute Homily | The Jesuit Post
Jesuits thinking and writing at the intersection of faith and culture.

St. Paul's Multimedia
This weekly series is a production of the Society of St. Paul, India.

Two-Minute Homily
Each week a different priest from the Archdiocese of Brisbane in South East Queensland, Australia, offers his reflections on the upcoming Sunday readings.

Denise Pyles
Short reflections on the Sunday Gospel readings. This series grew out of Denise's "little sermons" she preaches to her choir before singing on Sunday. Each video offers inspiration and encouragement to ponder during the week.

Different perspectives on Sunday’s readings from a variety of sources



Study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Part OneThe Creed: The Faith Professed
Part TwoThe Sacraments: The Faith Celebrated
Part ThreeChristian Morality: The Faith Lived
Part FourPrayer: The Faith Prayed


Talking Catholic
Talking Catholic
The Catholic Star Herald, the newspaper of the Diocese of Camden, showcases the work being done in Catholic parishes, schools, ministries and communities.

The Religion Teacher
The Religion Teacher
Once a teacher, always a teacher. Now I write books and create practical resources on teaching, evangelization, spirituality, and book marketing.


Gospel commentary by Father Eamon Tobin.

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The meaning of the resurrection

Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ Preaches for Easter

“[While growing up], the Resurrection was very much for me an individualistic thing. It meant that one day I was going to die, but me, Helen, my ego was going to come through intact. Then I’d be in heaven somewhere in glory. But I’m just basically not going to change drastically, I’m just going to be me… an individualistic approach to religion. But over the years, as the community has reflected, we have moved away from that individualistic conception of resurrection and the afterlife into one of personal transformation, of being able to move past our ego and our selfishness into a state of love and into a state of community.”



From the Homiletic Directory
  • CCC 638-655, 989, 1001-1002: the Resurrection of Christ and our resurrection
  • CCC 647, 1167-1170, 1243, 1287: Easter, the Lord’s Day
  • CCC 1212: the Sacraments of Initiation
  • CCC 1214-1222, 1226-1228, 1234-1245, 1254: Baptism
  • CCC 1286-1289: Confirmation
  • CCC 1322-1323: Eucharist


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Easter Homily

Catholic Inspiration by Fr. Andrew Ricci

In the light of that first Easter day the disciples were transformed as they began to comprehend the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Freed from the fear of sin and death, they embraced their faith and changed the world. May we continue to follow their example as we allow Easter joy to fill our hearts and renew our lives.

Word on Fire Sermons by Bishop Robert Barron
Be with the Word by Dr. Gerry and Dr. Peter
The Road to Emmaus by Scott Hahn


Introduction to Easter Sunday readings

EXCERPT — What does it take to believe in the Resurrection? Many might respond saying, “If we had only been there.” If we had found the empty tomb, how would we have responded? As today’s Gospel reveals, all we have in this story is the account of reactions to that tomb, which changed people’s lives both then and now. Some who saw it believed that Jesus had risen. On this day, we rejoice and we ponder the blessings of this astounding mystery.


The Emptiness of Easter

EXCERPT – Easter is certainly a joyful feast. But the beginning of Easter is emptiness. There is not a gospel writer who tells the story of Easter by beginning with the risen Christ. Every gospel writer begins with the empty tomb. The gospel we just heard from Matthew proves this point. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary come. But what they first see is not Jesus but the empty tomb, and they hear the angel’s announcement. Only then do they encounter the risen Christ and embrace him… Whatever your emptiness is, do not deny it—claim it. Emptiness is not a liability. It is an opportunity. When we claim our emptiness we own our dependence on God. When we claim our need we open the door to Easter. The Risen Christ calls us to new life. Let us stand before him today in our emptiness and let his resurrection in.


It’s OK to be confused, broken-hearted, and afraid

EXCERPT — The Easter Sunday Gospel is, at best, a half-story. Hearing it is like listening to a 4-year-old report on his day: lots of details, little plot and not much of a conclusion…John tells us this confusing Easter morning story to crack open our certainties — our logic and law — and to assure us that it’s OK to be confused, broken-hearted, afraid and ready to bury all hope. John is teaching that we’re not going to understand the resurrection until we fully face the tragedy of the evil that seems powerful enough to break us.


Reaction to Pope Francis' Urbi et Orbi Blessing in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Reaction to Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Blessing in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Pope Francis gives a rare 'Urbi et Orbi' (To the City and To the World) blessing on Saturday March 28, 2020 in solidarity with those suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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The Catholic Church in Korea
The Catholic Church in Korea
The Catholic Church in Korea is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the pope in Rome.
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Helpful Tips for when Spiritual Time and Family Life are Intertwined
Helpful Tips for when Spiritual Time and Family Life are Intertwined
Open wide the doors of our Domestic Church for Christ! Emily Leedom, Director of Marriage, Family and Respect Life for the Diocese of Sioux Falls, goes through some helpful steps for those of us finding our spiritual time and family life are intertwined.
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How to Watch Sunday Mass (Pray Online Catholic Mass at Home)
How to Watch Sunday Mass (Pray Online Catholic Mass at Home)
Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski offers some practical sights into how we can participate in an online mass, even though we are not physical present.
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Be Not Afraid during the Coronavirus COVID-19
Be Not Afraid during the Coronavirus COVID-19
Footage shot last spring, finally had the chance to get around to editing. Talking last night after completion as to how God is in control of things. A year ago while filming, only God knew that we wouldn't finish until over a year later, and how it would be used.
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'Christ' receives COVID-19 prayers
‘Christ’ receives COVID-19 prayers
The flags of 166 countries where coronavirus cases have been registered were projected onto the famous Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, in an effort to unite the world in prayer for the sick.
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Catholic Quarantine: Time well spent
Catholic Quarantine: Time well spent
How are you choosing to spend your time in these new days of idleness? Watch the video and don't be idle!
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Catholic historian: Our Lady of Fatima's connection to the coronavirus outbreak
Catholic historian: Our Lady of Fatima’s connection to the coronavirus outbreak
Professor Roberto de Mattei believes now is the time to 'remember the message of Fatima, because the divine punishments, which have already been affecting the Church for many years, are making themselves visible to the whole society.'
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Pope asks Mary to intercede amid pandemic
Pope asks Mary to intercede amid pandemic
Pope Francis prayed for Mary's assistance in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
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